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Behemoth Scarf

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The Behemoth Scarf is best described by one of our happy customers.

 "It's The Behemoth! It's a scarf. It's the chicken. Enough said? As a display token it is nice. As a wearable Item it is best suited for the little fellas and ladies, but we aren't purchasing awesomeness to wear it. Go to Macy's and purchase a 90+ dollar cashmere scarf to wrap up in. This is to gloat. The acrylic is thick and makes you not want to fold it lengthwise, so if you do wear it, let it hang loose off the neck as a warmer. It is sturdy and woven tightly. Mostly, the stuff at The Behemoth is supposed to be cool and fun, but this piece is just flat out classy. Buy it while you can." - Devlyn Daubenschmidt

Size: 52" X 7"





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